About Me


Mr. Dhananjay Eknath Mahajan takes pride in introducing himself as a grandson of Shree Krishna Mauli Jayakheda – one of the most followed spiritual leaders in Nashik & Maharashtra. Shree Krishna Mauli Jayakheda is revered by more than 90 lakh followers and 35 lakhs devotees out of which more than 4 lakh devotees get together every year. This is organised by Mr. Mahajan as the President of Krishnaji Mauli Foundation for the last 25 years out of 75 years.

Mr. Mahajan, born in a spiritual family in 1976, in the small village of ‘Lohner’ in Nashik, Maharashtra, graduated in Arts, is known for his commitment & efforts in the environment, education, health, rural upliftment, spreading spirituality & various social reforms in the society including the elimination of addiction issues in rural folks. He also possesses entrepreneurial skills and is running a company in the Agri-tech by utilizing ultra-modern technologies in agriculture & horticulture.


Like his maternal grandfather Shree Krishna Mauli used to cover different villages for social reforms by visiting all of them, Mr Mahajan is also following his values. He is a robust believer in equality for men- women & equality among all casts. Apart from organizing one of the biggest spiritual gatherings of Maharashtra of its type for devotees of Shree Krishna Mauli, he also leads Narayali Karykarm which is organised in Nashik, Dhule, Nandurbar, Jalgaon for the last 52 years for more than 5 lakhs of devotees. He also organizes & leads the ‘Pad Yatra’ from Jayakheda to Trimbakeshwar with 5,000 other people who believe in Saint Nivratti Nath. These believers follow a strict path of no addiction and live a disciplined life.

He also takes part in Bal Sanskar Shivir organized for inculcating Indian values in children through the Gita studies and various other activities .

Mr Mahajan is also an active Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh member who gives venue support for organizing Varg for RSS members. He is also president of Bhartiya Jan Foundation-Maharashtra State.

Mr. Mahajan is deeply connected with Varkari Sampraday who is known as the game-changer of the civilization of rural Maharashtra. He is strong follower of Saint Tukaram & Saint Dnyanesher of Varkari Sampraday. He is currently involved in developing ‘Samadhi’ of Shree Krishna Mauli as a devotee spot of the international level along with a beautiful temple of peace. He is a messenger of Tolerance, Kindness & Peace which are imperative pillars of all saint preachings. He is also a strong advocator of progressive views on woman empowerment & prohibition of Dowry.


He has been honoured by certificates of appreciation/recommendations from various organisations and individuals serving the nation. He has met & felicitated Mr. Bhagat Singh Koshyari – Governor of Maharashtra, Mr. Rajnath Singh – Defence Minister and many other ministers & high-class Nation serving officers.