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Productive meeting with the minister discussing key policies and fostering collaboration for positive societal impact.

With Defence Minister Rajnath Singh sir
With Defence Minister Rajnath Singh sir
With Maharashtra Governer Bhagatsingh Koshyari
With Dr Prataprao Dighavkar sir at home function
With Past IG Prakash Mutyal sir
With Nashik acb sp Sunil kadasne sir
Conservation Minister P Z R Shindhiya
Mr Sushil Patil (PA of Home Minister) With Nshik commisioner
Including former Union Minister Ramkripal Singh Sir
With Dr Prataprao Dighavkar (member of lokseva aayog)sir
With Dr Shivkumar Alle Mariappa sir cardiac surgeon and past physical advisor Prime Minister of India
Hon. Guru Sharansingh sir General secretary Paralympic Committee of India
With Prem Sagar sir the son of late Hon. Ramanand Sagar
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